The Power of Empowerment

Scale and grow your business with confidence

Developing and managing a fiduciary financial services company in today’s regulatory environment is time-consuming, challenging, and complex. In order to successfully deliver high-quality professional money management, insurance, and financial planning services to your clients you need to hire the right team. Finding the right balance between client acquisition and client services is the key to success. Our team has created and refined a process that serves financial advisors by optimizing the way they deliver professional money management services to their clients. We call it Advisor Empowerment (AE).

Advisor Empowerment helps financial advisors discover, design, and deploy their unique financial planning skills into a business structure that maximizes their success. Our approach keeps you in control, minimizes fees, and enhances the way you do business, ultimately providing you and your business with a sustainable competitive advantage and your client with proficient and effective portfolios.

There’s only so much time in a day, a week, a year. Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

Stay Focused on the Big Picture

Think of yourself as an architect designing a building. Clients expect you to create the design that results in a building with a strong foundation and a solid roof. They don’t expect you to pound the nails…but they do rely on you to work with a team of professionals that gets the job done correctly under your direction, making their future a reality. With Synergy Financial Management, you’ll have the team you need. Let us help!


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What We Offer

Synergy Responsibilities

Professional money management





Continuing education

Research and analysis

Best execution

Overlay management




Depending on your business needs, we can either share or assume fiduciary responsibility by managing your clients’ investment funds, performing best execution trading, managing the billing process, preparing all required reports, providing expert financial research, supplying exceptional marketing materials, and producing insightful whitepapers that educate prospects and clients about investment concepts, strategies, and by providing relevant, timely information.

We have also developed and continue to develop custom financial software that helps you address client goals and concerns while improving client communication. We relieve your many obligations, freeing you to concentrate on the details of serving your clients and generating ever-increasing financial success.

High Quality Marketing Materials

It takes honey to catch flies and with SFM, you regularly receive high-quality marketing materials for attracting prospects and engaging your clients.

Qualifying advisors receive customized materials and may request co-branded written tangibles such as brochures and specialty whitepapers. We also offer publishing services, available for ghostwriting and publishing your own professional books. Additionally, qualified advisors may receive:

Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual market letters

Sent directly to your clients labeled with your name, logo and brand.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) design

An online performance reporting system

Management consulting and valuation services

Continuing education programs

 And more…

Advisor Empowerment Benefits

Depending on your company’s needs, we can provide any or all of these services. Whether you’re a new RIA, an established professional, or an advisor in transition, we’ll help you confidently scale and grow your business while enhancing your clients’ experience.

You remain in complete control as the primary relationship with your clients

We remove the burdens of many time-consuming tasks so you stay competitive, ready to advance your business to new levels of success

SFM provides professional, fiduciary money management

We gladly accept the responsibility for trading, reporting, billing, and communicating with your clients

SFM offers continuing education so your credentials always stay current

We have a strong research and analysis department; your clients’ portfolios are carefully and periodically adjusted to meet their expectations

SFM provides comprehensive support and training so you receive all the information you need to completely understand our support services and how we can work together effectively and efficiently

Our communication is excellent, and you’ll quickly come to regard us as a valuable strategic resource and an extension of your own staff

4 Choices for Empowerment

We know one size does not fit all, and that a healthy culture is imperative to your success. Therefore, our Advisor Empowerment Program has four ways you can partner with SFM for professional money management and business support. We can help you build your own RIA or connect you to one of our preferred advisors who will meet your business needs. Moreover, if you qualify, you are welcome to join our private internal investment advisor representative program.

Most firms offer one or two of these alternatives, but SFM offers all four. Now you can select the exact services you want, and have the freedom and support you need.

Independent RIA

If you are an RIA who enjoys independence and wants to set up your own registered investment advisory firm, this is the right choice for you. You stay in control and build your business with SFM guiding you through the entire process. SFM coaches you, staying behind the scenes as your practice’s money manager while you develop your business the way you wish.

Partner RIA

This choice is for the RIA who either wants to join an investment firm, or may already be in a firm and wants to access SFM’s many services. If the thought of taking on a full set of management issues disinterests you, such as making strategic and tactical decisions or being responsible for compliance, SFM can help you find an existing investment firm, perhaps one of the many firms in our preferred network throughout the country. Also, if you are already an RIA at an investment firm and want to use our services, SFM will go through the approval process with your current company so you can partner with us. Either of these choices is a good way to access the many unique and customized services SFM offers.

Synergy IAR

For the very select few, SFM will consider inviting an RIA to join SFM as an Investment Advisory Representative. SFM provides a broad array of products and services for the internal representative willing to advance in business by following SFM’s processes and using SFM’s many resources for becoming a successful financial planner.

Signals Only

Independent RIAs whose profession is focused mostly on money management can purchase SFM’s trading signals, acquiring our unique and privately-developed strategic and tactical investment insights for use with their own clients. RIAs who select this choice make their own decisions on when and how to use the signals, how and where to trade funds, and manage their clients’ investments as they choose best. If requested, SFM can also customize processes for an RIA who needs specific and specialized investment information.

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