Knowledge is power

Exit Insight: Getting to Sold

As a business owner, this material is extremely valuable because it divulges the information needed to position your business for eventual sale.


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401K Insight: Getting to Retired

Most books about 401(k)s only provide the facts, and don’t deliver the gems of knowledge and the pearls of wisdom that come from over two decades of prudent counsel and pragmatic experience.

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Supercharge your practice

Our team has created and refined a process that serves financial advisors by optimizing the way they deliver professional money management service to their clients. We call it Advisor Empowerment (AE).

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Climb on, we've got you.

There’s only so much time in a day, a week a year. Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

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Secure your succession: Practice Protection planning guide

We can help you develop a well-documented, robust succession plan, so you stay focused on what matters most: sustaining and growing your practice.

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A Business or a Fancy Job?

It is important to create a system that help you make clear and accountable business decisions.

Is Your Business Protected from the "Terrible Ds"

No one likes to talk about these three what-ifs, yet they happen all the time. If you are the co-owner of a valuable business entity (corporation, partnership, or LLC) and one of the Ds happens to you or one of your co-owners, your business could be torpedoed by the courts, the tax man, the heirs, or an angry ex-spouse.

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Precision Investing

There are two primary investment strategies. One is asset allocation, and the other is focus investing. The dynamic is always the interplay of risk and return.

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The Investment Process

5 steps to making better investment decisions.

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Feel safe about your retirement plan

Will you really have enough to retire? Help your business clients make better serve their employees.

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Your 3(38) Fiduciary Partner

As a 3(38) Investment Manager, Synergy Financial Management, LLC help you and your client mitigate fiduciary risk so they can focus their time and effort on running their business, and you can focus on running your business. Partner with us today.

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Real Estate Investing

Learn how to hold Real Estate in a self-directed IRA or Qualified plan.

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Feel safe about your business

Finding the right combination of business financial planning and personal financial planning while continually monitoring and adjusting your plans as conditions change inevitably leads to your success.

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Valuation request form

Thank you for helping us collect the data for your Company’s valuation.  Please review our initial document request list below.  Some items may not pertain to your company, and some items may not be readily available to you.  In such cases, indicate N/A or notify us if other arrangements can be made to obtain the data.


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